I’m interested in showing human nature interacting with nature – a paradox.  We live within nature and  depend on it, yet because of our “nature” as investigators, inventors, builders, and molders of our environment, we have degraded much of what we and other species need to survive. One of our signature constructs, the city, emits a dark glow of blight and waste even while it radiates dazzling beauty, creativity, opportunity, and entertainment. Our devotion to digital realms allows us an illusion of floating free of earth, ocean, forest, and other creatures. Even so, we humans are capable of feeling awe, soothing, and a primal connectedness when we are in nature.

I make paintings that invite viewers to feel both realities – the sublime and the degraded – as they occur in our present moment. A longtime city-dweller, I draw my inspiration both from natural patterns and objects, and from different urban scenes.  Painters like J.M.W. Turner, Mark Bradford, and Anselm Kiefer inspire me because they embed human structures in landscape to make us feel deeply the often tragic, sometimes joyful, contradiction of our human nature within our environment. I would like viewers of my paintings to be drawn in by beauty to contemplate both what is appealing and disquieting within the beauty.